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Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Market Watch

Simple Charts ( is for people who believe that Price is all inclusive and you need no more than Price itself to trade. The blog shows the Charts for various timeperiods - 1Day ( Intraday), 5 Day ( Intraday), 1 Year ( Daily), 1 Year ( Weekly). These charts for various time periods show us various Moving Averages ( Simple and Exponential) which are respected by markets everytime. This is still in development phase and future improvements are in pipeline. Happy Informed Trading  because beauty is in being simple.

Update: Now trade Bank Nifty ( ) charts also on similar lines

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Daily Important Levels

Monday, 27 June 2011

Nifty - Trendline and Moving Average Analysis - EOD 27th June 2011

Nifty approaching 200 EMA resistance at 5580 levels on daily charts.On daily it is clearly in a bullish tone as long as it keeps above 5436 but on weekly charts Nifty is still not out of woods. Key level on downside is 5487.

Market Watch

Nifty-50 Heatmap Market Watch Few Interesting Charts
This site is dedicated to all traders and friends who don't have access to expensive softwares to provide them with live charts to enable them to trade judiciously. Even I don't have one and when I joined VFMDirect ( excellent site) I was astonished at the ease with which the forum members used technical indicators like Rsi and Stoch in live markets for profitable trading. Kudos to Mr Kamlesh Langote and seniors for creating and maintaining such a beautiful source of learning in this materialistic world. Then I realised the importance of something live ( or at the least delayed) information source for effective Share Market Trading. This is my endeavour to bring all the important informations/technical indicators at one source point for a safe and profitable trading. Do use this site as your source of information in your day to day trading. I have tried to make the blog as user friendly as I can but please feel free to give your suggestions through comments.
Also, I would like to recommend Nifty intraday charts for live technical levels and world markets. Great site!!!

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